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Introducing: Amber and Ivy from The Willow Fae

I’m working on a YA fantasy series called The Willow Fae, and I’m excited to introduce ya’ll to my girls.

Meet Ivy, a scientist, scholar, and princess:

Ivy, Princess of the Summer Fae

As the daughter of the Fire Faerie Queen and a merman, Ivy knows what it’s like to grow up between worlds. She lives with her mother in the royal court of an enchanted forest, but she craves the solace of the stars and freedom of the sea.

Meet Amber Everlee, a 14 year old human who’s curious above all things:

A digital sketch of a 14 year old character from a young adult fantasy series called The Willow Fae. The girl has short red hair, freckles, and a mischievous expression. Her arms are crossed and she's smirking as she looks off to one side. She's wearing a plain tank top with jeans.
Amber Everlee – a spunky human girl who can see the Fae.

Amber’s mother moved her family to a secluded island and disappeared without a trace. She left Amber with a single warning: stay away from the Fae.

Now, Amber does her best to live a normal life. She goes to school, plays soccer, and tutors her little brother, Javier. But she sees strange things that no one else does, and soon her life is anything but ordinary.

The Willow Fae is the story of two young girls who never meant to cross paths, and change everything when they do.


My goal in writing this story is to create the kind of joyful, mysterious adventure I would have loved to read when I was a teen. My goal is to show two carefree young girls who can explore the world together, and fall in love as they go. My goal is to imagine a world where young queer kids are accepted by their parents, and encouraged to pursue age-appropriate love.

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Character designs done on commission by the lovely Thea Ozaeta. (Commission info here.) She’s open for commissions, and I highly recommend her! I love the way these two turned out. 


Thanks for reading! What are you working on right now? If it’s diverse or #ownvoices, feel free to link below and I’ll give it a boost!

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